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Aaron N. Hall. Photo by Alex Lawhun.

Each and every new fantasy novel that hits the shelves is something to be celebrated, but it is all the more exciting when that new novel was written by a local author!  In February of 2015, Aaron N. Hall of our very own St. George, Utah published his debut fantasy novel entitled, ‘Foreordained’, which follows a young hero on his quest to take his place as king.  Aaron is a very busy guy as a full-time college student but was good enough to join me and answer some questions about his new novel. Read on to discover a little more about him and his book, now available for sale on in both kindle edition and paperback!
Colby:  So Aaron, first off, tell us a little bit more about yourself and how you came to want to write. Aaron:  Well, I'm from southern Utah. I studied motion picture production at Dixie State University and I'm transferring to Utah Valley University to study public relations. Aside from writing, I love longboarding, photography, and music. I learned that I loved writing at an early age. In elementary school, I figured out that I relished every creative writing assignment because story telling is so much fun! I think that's when my love for writing really started to blossom. Colby:  That's great you've had those story-telling inclinations from such a young age!  And from what I understand, you've been working on this particular story, 'Foreordained' for quite some time. Where did the idea originate and when did you start writing it? Aaron:  It started in my 9th grade seminary class! We watched this video about a prince who got kidnapped by these bandits who tried to entice him into riotous living. He denied all of them with the statement that he wouldn't because he was meant to be King. I thought the concept of government based on the righteousness of its leaders was an interesting concept, so I ran with it! I started it the summer after my 9th grade year.  It took nearly seven years to complete it if you include the two years I spent as a missionary in New England. Colby:  Wow! Seven years is quite some time.  But you can't rush art.  I guess sometimes that's what it takes, right?  Well, why don't we take this opportunity to talk a bit more in depth about the book itself. What is the (spoiler free!) plot and what are some of the other themes the story explores? Aaron:  Foreordained is about a boy named Jason who finds out he's been foreordained by the Sacred Dragon to one day rule as King of Nezmyth. The book follows the year in his life in which he's being tested for the throne by the evil King Barnabas, who will spare no cost in making sure he stays in power. The book explores the themes of having to grow from boy to man in sometimes unwanted and unexpected ways. Not only that, there are heavy themes on faith and believing in something greater than yourself. Colby:  Interesting!  A young man going against all odds to eventually take the throne from a king really sounds like grounds for an exciting story and certainly something I have never heard of before.  Since you did begin writing the story so many years ago, did the concept or aspects of the story change along the way as you yourself matured and experienced more of life? Aaron:  I would say so. I started it when I was fifteen and published it when I was twenty-two, so as I grew and matured I feel I grew a better understanding of the characters I had developed. A lot of the initial story changed drastically from what I thought it would be at the beginning. And my writing became stronger as the years passed by, so I often went back and revised what I had done previously. Colby:  Can you tell us a bit more about the world these characters inhabit? Is there a magic system worked into the story? Aaron:  Yes, there is. The world in the story of Foreordained is the world of Wevlia, which consists of ten kingdoms. The only kingdom this first book takes place in, however, is the kingdom of Nezmyth.  As for the magic system--I don't want to spoil too much--magic is used commonly in things like sparring. As the book progresses, you learn about a different kind of magic that exists that has some pretty sinister effects. Colby:  So the magic system provides a sort of plot twist?  Sounds awesome!  And you mentioned 'this first book'...does this mean we can expect to see some sequels in the future? If so, when are you planning to get those underway? Aaron:  I've been working a lot on the sequel this summer. I'm shooting for a release late next summer. And I definitely plan on making a third one sometime in the near future. Colby:  Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you.  Not to jump the gun too much, but do you have any other ideas for writing projects outside of this story?  Aaron:  Yes! I've had an idea for a sci-fi novel for as long as I've worked on Foreordained, but I'm more focused on the world of Wevlia than I am on this other world that has yet to be fully realized. It'll see the light of day eventually! Colby:  So sci-fi is in the cards too?  Great!  I for one am looking forward to hearing more about it in the future (pun intended).  So do you have any other thoughts you would like to share with our readers concerning ‘Foreordained’? Aaron:  (laughs) Thank you!  Not really, I'm just looking forward to hearing from new fans as they read the book and fall in love with the characters! Colby:  Well, it has been fantastic chatting with you and I hope that the word gets out for not only ‘Forordained’, but for all of our local Utah authors. Thank you very much for joining me and good luck in all of your endeavors!  I'm sure we will be hearing more from you in the coming months and years.
There you have it, folks.  You now have the inside scoop so follow the link below, buy the book, read it, and pass the word along!  Feel free to sound off in the comments section on this page also and look for the future works of author Aaron N. Hall.  And remember to keep an eye locked here on for updates on all my projects, including my soon-to-launch debut fantasy novel, Crimson Sun. Until next time…keep that pen moving! Foreordained    


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