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I realize it is long overdue, but it is finally time for an update!  Slow and steady wins the prize, they say and while running to keep up with everything going on in life this past year, I have been hard at work on book 2 of the Eyes of Fate, Tides of Chaos. Many people have been asking about it and I apologize to have kept you all waiting, but I am pleased to announce that the first draft is now complete!  There is of course, a long way to go still with revision, editing, and beyond, but I can definitely say that I am happy with where the story is headed and how things are shaping up so far.  The stakes are higher than they were in Crimson Sun, the characters experience much more change (for better and for worse), and the plot itself is simply much more thrilling.  Being the middle chapter, there is a lot going on here but the finale is really what got me excited.  I won’t give anything away now of course, but it ends with the very event that made me want to begin this series from the start.  The single idea the entire story spawned from, so I hope you look forward to it!10290 On another note, I have been in talks with the amazing Samuel Nelson who will be returning to do the Tides of Chaos cover art.  If you have not yet seen his stunning artwork, do yourself a favor and check out his website as well as the cover he did for book 1.  The concept we have planned and his unique spin on the vision for the cover of Tides of Chaos has me super pumped! The Tides of Chaos page here on the website has also been updated with new info and a preview excerpt from this first draft for you to enjoy!  Make sure to keep checking back for further updates as things develop. As always, I also want to give a huge shout out to all of you.  I have had a lot of support and great feedback coming from many places and will continue to work hard to create even more enjoyable experiences for you in the future. Until next time…keep that pen moving!
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  1. Jameson0606

    Just finished the first one and im real excited to know what happens. Such a cliffhanger!!


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