Headshot 1 Retouched CROPColby Dunn grew up in a small town and his imagination was kindled at an early age. When he wasn’t running around in the hills sword fighting with sticks, he was tracing dragons off a paused TV screen or soaking in a fantasy story from a video game or book. Over two decades later, ‘old-fashioned’ fantasy has all but fled to hide in the shadows from the tidal wave of vampire, zombie, and kid-wizard fiction. But not for Colby. Tales rooted in classic sword and sorcery live on, battles between iron-clad heroes and black-hearted villains still ensue, and that is what Colby puts to the page. Colby went on to study the ‘art of the draw’ in Japanese swordsmanship, and is fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Japanese. He also holds a high rank in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Aside from writing he enjoys sketching and playing video games. He currently lives in Utah with his wife, Lola and their three children Gwendolyn, Marcus, and Lina, the latter three of whom fill his life with an equal measure of chaos and happiness.
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